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The People of Nombre Propio

At Finca La Mata there’s never a dull moment.

It’s a very vibrant organic operation, with none of the shortcuts of conventional agriculture.

Keeping plant cover more than 6 months; not using pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilisers; mulching after pruning; using grazing animals for weed control; fertilising with humus; early harvesting…

This farming culture requires much more personalised care and many more hours of work to produce our harvests.

And that work is done by people who are committed to our project, people who we trust and who also trust us.

Ofi Team
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Adriana, Antonio, Myriam, Ramón y Silvia
We love our olive oil, we would have it all. But he has to go out to see the world. He will then learn from others, improve and generate the resources that will allow us to continue with this project.
And that trip includes administration, logistics, marketing and commercial, of course
Here, we who take care of it. In addition to our farm (what a pleasure) a lot of office, train, car … Here we go. 
Nombre Propio is a distance run; we don't do short-term speculation…

We’re a long-term project offering the opportunity for professional development. It’s hard work but highly worth it, and we think it’s stimulating for each and every worker. These are people who want their villages to endure and to build wealth in parts of the country that would otherwise end up impoverished and deserted.

Without them, the Nombre Propio project would be no more than a nice idea on paper.

In the middle of a work day, it wasn’t easy to get together for a photo. Here’s the crew.

How about we keep seeing each other?

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