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The Nombre Propio Olive Oils

We think that one of the reasons you’ll end up deciding to buy our organic EVOO is that, beyond just eating, you like exploring flavours and aromas. You know, like you do with wine, cheese, coffee… Let’s face it, you turn oil into a pleasure, just like we do.

It’s true, oil is a “superfood” and very healthy, of course. But it’s also about enjoyment. It rounds out dishes and excites your senses.

Not all oils are equal

You’ll find loads that are Extra Virgin in label only: blends galore, lipstick on a pig. Let’s not mince words.

Without getting too carried away: the more care the olives receive in the grove, and the more meticulously the presses are made, the more quality and nuances you’ll find. That’s where we focus our efforts, you’ll see.

These are the varieties we use in our Nombre Propio oils


It’s the mother of all olive oil battles: an olive that’s got a pair. It’s chock full of antioxidants (the famous polyphenols), making it very resistant to oxidation. Your oil, if stored well, will stay fresh and aromatic for a long time.

Now, in the tasting jargon (*) so often used by our industry brethren, here's a few more things to know about the Picual:

It has an intensely fruity nose dominated by green aromas of fig tree, olive leaf, artichoke, capsicum and green almond. The mouth is somewhat more bitter than spicy. The aroma of olive leaf is reinforced through the retronasal route (ugh! ).

One curious agricultural/geographical fact about Picual is that it’s the leading variety in Spain, and thus in the rest of the world. Forty percent of the olive trees in Spain are Picual; that’s 900,000 hectares!

This oil is a bit less hardcore than the Picual. It’s great for those who don’t fancy that touch of bitterness. It’s easier on the mid-palate and is a more elegant oil on the plate, though perhaps also less assertive. It’s up to you.

In tasting jargon (*): It has an intensely fruity nose. Sharpen your senses and you may note green banana, apple, hazelnut and fresh-cut grass. Sweet, not bitter and lightly spicy.

This variety is often found in oils from Catalonia and Alto Aragon. It gets its name from the Lleida of Arbeca.

This olive has a special place in our hearts because it's from La Mancha. Like the Picual, it’s high in antioxidants. That gives it slightly more bitter notes than the Arbequina.

In tasting jargon (*): It's a variety with many aromatic nuances, very fruity, with notes of grass and almonds. Depending on its maturity when harvested, on entering the mouth it can sometimes taste sweet, like the sweetness of a walnut. A powerful finish is guaranteed. It’s a spectacular variety, if we do say so ourselves.

The Cornicabra is mostly found in Castilla La Mancha and Madrid, and sometimes in Extremadura. It’s the second most common variety in Spain. Spanish lesson: “Corni-Cabra”…means shaped like a Goat’s Horn.

The most important tastings
we leave to you

At Nombre Propio we only make certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but we didn’t want to print the tasting notes on the packaging.

WE LEAVE IT TO YOU. We don’t tell you what our oils taste or smell like. You are our taster, so you tell us…

This website only includes tasting notes that are normally associated with these olive varieties. In case you’re interested in this fascinating field.

(*) Very important: Tasting, the organoleptic profile, is something that in Spain we have decided is the job of professional expert tasters who sit on official tasting panels. These people will tell you about the fruitiness of your oil, its bitterness, its aftertaste, etc. They are also the ones who study and determine whether your oil is Lampante (ooof), Virgin or Extra Virgin.

When it comes to tasting, the same brand of oil can vary from one harvest to the next. Olives and their harvesting conditions are ever-changing.

That’s why brands can’t include tasting on their labels if they don’t do a panel for them every year. It makes sense.

Choose your variety and try our oils

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