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Bag In Box a different type of packaging to preserve what’s good

We chose BIB for Nombre Propio because it’s the best packaging option, full stop.

We wanted to package organic extra virgin oil, from early harvest. But we didn’t want to add another bottle to the gourmet oil shelves. Top-quality oils, to be sure, but those disposable glass bottles aren’t our cup of tea. Plus, BIB can package a larger volume, making us much more sustainable and giving you better prices.

So what is Bag In Box?
BIB stands for “Bag in Box”. That’s what it's called in our world. It's an innovative packaging widely used in the food industry because of its great benefits. It consists of an inner bag connected to an outer cardboard box through a valve and a leak-proof tap.

BIB is the best packaging for oil
But you don’t have to take our word for it; that's what the people who know these things all say, like the experts from University of Cordoba and University of Ioannina , in Greece. . So maybe it’s not the most “luxurious”, and it may be lacking some of the glamour of gourmet oils, fine. But it’s the best option for our 3-litre beauties. You can already find 3 and 5 litre bottles of extra virgin in supermarkets. And if price is all that matters, OK. But when it comes to conserving and pouring the oil, BIB crushes the plastic bottles that you buy or that your cousin brings from the village.

The second you open those plastic bottles, the oil comes into contact with the air and starts oxidising. Our BIB, on the other hand, doesn’t ever let air in once it’s opened. It also blocks 100% of light, which is the second great enemy of olive oil.

It’s all upside
Degradation due to light

Your oil stays fresh and keeps its spectacular colour. Plus, it comes with a leak-proof tap that makes it easier to fill your cruet at home. It’s super clean, highly durable and fits anywhere thanks to its cubic shape.

Check for yourself the benefits of the Bag In Box

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