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The grove

Where everything begins, under the sun of southern La Mancha and the wind of the Alcaraz Mountains. The best way to discover it is to come take a look around. As you know: “a picture is worth…”.

You might also win that contest we have in mind for a super fan to get the chance to experience it in person… But until then, we can let you know that Finca La Mata is an incredible landscape for growing organic olive trees.

Its climate, soil conditions and topography allow us to grow very healthy olives, with high phenolic content and ideal capacity for lipogenesis.

OK, now in plain English.

The secret lies in the hours of sunlight, in the blessed rain that falls and in the soils that proffer up the perfect olives to make excellent organic extra virgin oil, with all that healthy stuff the scientists talk about.


And when we say organic, those aren’t empty words...

We pay attention to everything down to the smallest detail. We don’t use any synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or chemical pesticides. We control weeds judiciously to get a plant cover that is brimming with plant and animal life. We seek out the right balance and biology that will help our olive trees.

And what does all this achieve?

More nature, more life, more common sense… and much more dedication for everyone.

Nearly 45,000 olive trees

They extend across 185 hectares of a total of 300 that include protected mountainside of centenary holm oaks, broom bushes, rosemary, rugged slopes and a beautiful fertile plain where we’ve launched a project to plant organic walnut trees. We love walnuts and it turns out that Spain and Europe have to mostly import them from the US and Chile (and not in the best conditions…).

From the grove, the olive…

from the olive to the press, and from there to your home