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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the olive grove to your home, in the best packaging. Direct sales only

You want something more than “an extra virgin olive oil”…


How to distinguish a good EVOO and enjoy its flavor, aromas and all the nuances of its varieties. You are a die-hard, and always have it on hand in your kitchen.

The word “organic” should be more than a poseYou smile when you hear modern talk of superfoods, because you know our oil, our oats and our oranges have been superfeeding us for centuries.

By how much disposable plastic and glass you see every time you go to the supermarket or take out the trash. And those portion sizes that keep getting smaller? Nothing is in bulk; nothing is reusable. There’s just more and more packaging that ends up “recycled” somehow, in landfills or in the sea…
We are standing firm. Yes, like an olive tree. En Nombre Propio.

For you and for ourselves. We are doing so with high-quality organic EVOO, from early harvest. Monovarietal or coupage (it’s up to you). With innovative packaging that lets you easily fill your cruet and preserve all the properties of your oil. Because recycling is good, but reusing is good good good (and so on into infinity, every time you do it).

Order and we’ll home deliver

Enough of the expensive half-liter or quarter-liter bottles. That’s not how you get the best oil on your plate. At En Nombre Propio we package the same quality, but in a 3 liter BIB. And, we have a lovely bottle/cruet for you to refill and use. When you’re done with it, give it a second life as a flower vase